Young Republicans want their legal weed, now!

A new report by PewResearch shows 63% of Millennial age Republicans support legalizing weed, as support for legalization has rapidly outpaced opposition.

The upward trend in support has been largely driven by the Millennial generation, who support marijuana at much higher rates than their elders.


The same report also highlighted Millennials’ support for marriage equality,  showing 58% of young Republican favor legalizing same-sex marriage compared to 78% of young Democrats.


FT_15.02.27_agePtyMarriage_420px2PewResearch adds:

[su_quote]Another interesting historical trend is how opinions have evolved across generational groups. Namely, Baby Boomers’ support for marijuana legalization peaked in the late 1970s, before plummeting in the 1980s during the nation’s “War on Drugs” era. But today, Boomers’ support for legalizing marijuana is greater than it was four decades ago. Even within the last decade, Millennials have shifted. In 2006, just 34% of Millennials favored the legal use of marijuana; by 2014, that share had risen to 69%.[/su_quote]