Is your grandma as cool as 92-year-old Aurora Leveroni, who not only grows multiple strains of cannabis at her house in northern California, but also uses the plants to cook medical marijuana edibles?

The Italian grandmother, who goes by the nickname ‘Nonna Marijuana,’ began cooking with the medicinal herb after her daughter Valerie began self-administering cannabis in order to discontinue all pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for her seizures.

Valeria describes why she started using cannabis as her medicine:
I was suffering a significant number of seizures per day, and I was strung out on pharmaceuticals, they weren’t making any difference. I was desperate, so I started experimenting with medical marijuana and in about 3 1/2 weeks I noticed a difference in my seizures. I stopped taking pharmaceuticals, and started calling cannabis my medicine.[/su_quote]

Valerie is one of the co-founders of WAAM (Women/Mens Alliance for Medical Marijuana), an organization which helped paved the way for medical marijuana use in California and also supplies patients and their caregivers medical marijuana on a donation basis..

Watch as Nonna teaches us a foolproof method for infusing cannabis into butter, then guides us through preparing chicken “Pot-Ciatore”and Gnocchi in Ganja Butter.