149928_166705560019139_100000390894868_385676_2536289_nFor years Shona Banda had suffered from Crohn’s disease. Not until she discovered the many different medical benefits of cannabis oil did her symptoms start to subside and go away. Medical marijuana changed her life, enough to turn her into an activist for those with conditions and symptoms that can be easily treated with medical cannabis.

But now the Crohn’s disease survivor and medical marijuana activist is facing serious charges and at risk of losing custody of her 11-year old son due to a search warrant that was obtained as the result of her son speaking up to a D.A.R.E. officer.

Human Solution reports:


As Shona’s son listened to the misinformation given by authorities to his class during the drug education presentation, he courageously spoke up and informed them that the information they were relating was incorrect in regards to cannabis. He was pulled from class and sent to the office for questioning by authorities without his mother present.

When he failed to return home from school, Banda contacted the school only to be told that her son had be detained by authorities. She went to the station, where she was informed that she was not being detained, but that they were obtaining a search warrant on her home and that she would not be permitted to enter the residence until the search was executed.

During the raid, authorities confiscated an alleged mere 2 ounces of cannabis flower and 1 ounce of cannabis oil. Banda has yet to be charged and was able to go home after the raid. Shona had a hearing, which seemed to be going her way until the judge spoke up about how many charges she was going to be facing as a result of the raid on her home. It was recommended that her son be placed into the custody of her ex, the boy’s father.


Ironically, Shona has a hearing on April 20th (4/20). There will be a rally at the courthouse to support Shona Banda and her child.

Below is a video of Shona talking about how medical marijuana helped her take her life back: