Believe it or not, Jamaica has just planted its first legal marijuana plant!

Jamaica’s Justice Minister was on hand for the ceremonial planting at the University of the West Indies Mona campus last Monday, where he helped firm the cannabis plant into the soil.

The ganja seedling became the first to be legally planted in the country following the passage of the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act 2015, which legalizes the production of medical marijuana in Jamaica. The bill also decriminalizes possession of small amounts of weed.

The Jamaican government has granted the university permission to cultivate weed for research and to “set the pace for the development of a legal cannabis industry.”

“I want to know when you start to do the experimentation, and what is found in the plant,” Science Minister Philip Paulwell told researchers. “We have to start this way, so that we can set the stage for full commercialization.”

Jamaica’s University of Technology will also start growing pot and carrying out research on the plant.

“Now that they can actually cultivate for research purposes, we can expect that the outcomes of the endeavors will be more profound, and with the economic opportunities that this will bring, we see this as part of what, I hope, will be a transformational industry for Jamaica,” Justice Minister Mark Golding said.

h/t: Independent