The Church of Cannabis is about to open its first place of worship, says its self-appointed ‘Minister of Love’ Bill Levin.

“We celebrate love in our lives and pray with cannabis,” Levin wrote on the church’s Facebook page. “It is a health supplement for our bodies and our minds. It brings us closer to each other and closer to love. And it is Good.”

Levin was inspired to create his Church of Cannabis after Indiana passed the anti-gay  Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a law that gives people the right to follow their religious practices without government intervention.


Hundreds of followers have already contributed enough money for Levin to take out a mortgage on a small building, which can hold around 150 to 200 worshippers, and the IRS has approved the church’s request for nonprofit status. Levin called that ruling “our church’s first official miracle.”

‘It is small and humble facility with love through out every brick,’ he wrote on his Facebook page.’ We are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!’

The church will hold its first service on July 1, the day the religious freedom law takes effect.


“We will not buy, sell or trade in the product,” Levin told the IndyStar, adding that congregants will “spark up” in mass at the end of each service. “This is a sanctuary thing. This is love. We are doing God’s will.”

IndyStar adds:

Levin’s lawyer insisted this is all on the up and up and that he doesn’t expect law enforcement officials to cause a problem. And you only have to listen to Levin for a moment to realize that he is sincere when he talks about his belief in the healing and spiritual powers of pot.

“I break down and weep with joy sometimes because of how this has been embraced,” Levin said, wearing his standard jeans and sportcoat outfit, a red handkerchief in his pocket and an ascot around his neck.[/su_quote]