Amid the beautiful flowers growing in a downtown Swift Current planter this week, a concerned citizen called police to report a bud of another kind.

Swift Current Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called to the 200 and 300 block of Central Avenue North on Monday. Upon their arrival, they found several marijuana plants growing among the purple flowers, turning the plant holders into “pot holders.”


“Somebody … dropped some seeds; that would be the most logical reason,” said Swift Current RCMP Staff Sergeant Gary Hodges. “We have no idea of who was responsible for it.”


RCMP respond to the discovery of a male marijuana plant (SwiftCurrentOnline)

Yahoo Canada reports:

It is not known how long the marijuana plants have been growing before being detected. They have since been removed and thrown out.

Hodges also noted it was a type of plant which has a lower THC level than what would be found in medicinal marijuana.

Mayor Jerrod Schafer said he often hears compliments about the city’s public planters but has never seen these unlicensed herbs growing there. [/su_quote]

“When you see all the planters that we’ve got, you may just not take notice of what was in there,” Schafer said.

“I’m glad the RCMP responded the way they did.”

If you come across any plants of a cannabis description,

Hodges advises citizens to steer clear and report any cannabis plants to the local RCMP.

Yeah, sure. We promise!

[Photo Credit: SwiftCurrentOnline]